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Hello! My name is Andressa Dias and I'm a Brazilian writer with a passion for business, internet and technology. I love finding new tools that help work flow better in an easier, more effective way and learning how to use them in order to be ready for all the challenges that a startup or a small business might face on a daily basis.

I got involved with SEO and web content by chance, right after graduating in management + languages in Brazil - and I fell in love with the world of online content immediately. I have worked in this industry over the past 5 years, leading a team of more than 10 editors for an online publisher as their editor-in-chief.

Now it's time to share all my skills and experience with startups and brands all over the world. Let me know what you need and we'll get it - whether with our own resources or by helping you find other awesome humans to collaborate with you.

How to find me

  •  contato@andressadias.com
  •   andressadias@gmail.com
  •   nasdares
  •   +44 07463 029619
  •   London, United Kingdom


Excellent job! Very reliable person and focused on the content/demand needed. I definitely recommend Andressa! - eBorges.org Digital Marketing

Working with Andressa has been pleasure because she analyzes the projects as whole and doesn't just go blindly about her tasks. She will give you honest feedback on your design and content. - Intellifund Startups


Reach us on contato@andressadias.com or use the form below :)